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    Acceptance testing of ready-mixed concrete occurs after the product has been delivered to the consumer in the field. The testing process commences with the collection of a relatively small but representative sample of the fresh concrete. ASTM C172/C172M Standard Practice for Sampling Freshly Mixed Concrete states that two or more portions of material should be collected at regularly spaced ...

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    revolving-drum truck mixer A truck which mixes concrete during its transport to a construction site. Previously proportioned materials from a batch plant are transferred to the truck drum

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    The most common type of concrete mixer uses a revolving drum to mix the cement sand and water. A portable concrete mixer is designed to meet the needs of small construction requirements or where large ready mix truck delivery is impossible. An advantage to using a portable concrete mixer is that construction workers are given ample time to use ...

  • Sampling Concrete from a Revolving Drum Truck Mixer

    Apr 02 2018 · Construction projects were selected to provide a range of concrete mixture specifications site conditions and target property values. Findings indicate that it is not necessary to collect a sample of two or more portions from a revolving drum truck mixer. Rather a single portion sample of concrete is sufficient for acceptance testing purposes.