How to change oil and grease concrete pump truck

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    (3) The oil level should be in the oil level gauge 3/4 or more otherwise fill. (4) should be transparent oil colors with yellow if discolored cloudy or emulsified it should be replaced. Quality (5) hydraulic oil pump a great impact on the general pumping oil change once completely around 10000 m3 and clean the tank. 4 Grease

  • A good concrete boom pump maintenance schedule is vital

    ON THE TRUCK: Check the tires oil diesel power steering and radiator fluid. Every 40 Hours. ON THE PUMP: Check the grease pod. Then check the boom filter gauges to make sure they are still in the green. And check the prop switches; make sure both at the top and the 2 at the bottom are working. ON THE TRUCK: Check lug nuts on the wheels. Inspect the alternator and air conditioning belts. Every 100 Hours. ON THE PUMP: Grease

  • Concrete Pump Maintenance Tips | Alliance Concrete Pumps

    One of the easiest ways to check for proper pressure is by putting the concrete pump into PTO as if you are going to pump concrete. Then locate the accumulator gauge on the pump and make sure it is reading at 190 bar; then press the E -Stop on the remote box. The pressure reading on the gauge should slowly fall to 90 bar reading.